Estimated Project cost : 2.8 Cr

    Mahabodhi Vidyalayam is a school for value based education run by the Mahabodhi Foundation, Hyderabad. A similar school is run at Mahabodhi, Bangalore with excellent results. The students (both Samaneras and Anagarikas) are given english medium education to prepare for the 10th class Open School Examination. The children are given sustained instruction in human and ethical values, in addition to normal subjects. After they complete their 10th class examination, they have the choice to join professional training programs or take to religious life. While those wanting to join professional courses are encouraged to go out, those who would like to continue in religious life are helped to prepare for graduate & post graduate studies in Buddhism in distance education mode.

    At any given point of time, the School would have 108 students in all classes put together. They are given free food, accommodation and trained to manage their own affairs. Their education in addition to normal syllabus includes training in the use of computers and other modern tools and introduction to fine arts. Experience has shown, these children, grounded as they are in ethical training, turn out to be responsible and compassionate citizens. Presently there are only 28 children in the Hyderabad Vihara for want of accommodation. Even these children are housed in make - shift accommodation.

    Mahabodhi Foundation is now engaged in raising funds for a 108-seater dormitory and classroom block with a computer laboratory. Eight qualified teacher-monks and four guest teachers / instructors would be in charge of the School and the children. The teacher-student ratio would be about 1:10, in view of the special attention these children require and the skills they need to be taught.

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