• 16th

    Jul, 2019

    Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara, Mahindra Hills, Hyderabad Jul 16 2019, Tue

    This teaching heralds founding the Dhamma in the world, bringing enlightenment to countless beings making Bhagavan Buddha the
    Supreme Teacher of the world. This day is also the beginning of Vassāvāsa or Rains Retreat annual practice of three months for the
    Bhikkhu Sangha who take residence at one place and take to intense meditative practices every year. Devotees also come to the local viharas
    and observe eight precepts on the Uposatha days of these three months.

    We cordially invite you with family and friends to the Vihara to come
    meditate and observe pieties on this occasion and on all Uposatha days
    With Metta,
    The Organizing Committee
    Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara
    040 27733161, 8885403097

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