• 14th

    Oct, 2017

  • Kathina Civara Dana
    Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara Oct 14 2017, Sat

    'Kathina Civara Dana' or the 'robe offering ceremony' is a festival in which Buddhist devotees donate different items, including robes for the living of the monks.

    "After the rainy season, the robes that monks wear get worn out. So, it is our duty as Buddhists to offer them new robes and new requisites for them to be able to get on with their lives normally and meditate." 

    The motive of this Dana is that it is our duty as a Buddhist to follow the ancient and sacred traditions.

    The robe that the Buddhist monks wear is known as 'Civara' and it is believed that the donation of robes to monks is the highest sacrifice according to Buddhism.

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